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At M.A. Munson Law, we frequently advise clients that when it comes to estate planning, failing to plan is planning to fail. Through the use of Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, Wills (simple & complex), Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Family Limited Partnerships, and Charitable Gifting Strategies, we can help you and your family preserve wealth for future generations, minimize estate tax exposure, and avoid the time, expense, and stressful nightmare that is Probate.

With a Cedar City estate planning attorney from M.A. Munson Law on your side, you can feel confident that your wishes will be carried out, that your loved ones will be protected, and that your assets will be safe. While we may never know what the future may hold, we can plan and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

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What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the creation of a tailored plan to manage your assets while you are alive, and to memorialize your intentions as to how you would like to have your assets administered upon your death. Effective planning allows you to accomplish your personal and family goals, while also managing your financial and legal affairs, all the while minimizing tax liability.

Our Cedar City estate planning lawyers can accomplish these goals using the following specific tools:

  • Revocable Living Trusts
  • Last Will and Testaments
  • Lifetime Gifting
  • Joint Ownership
  • Beneficiary Designations
  • Life Estates

Because we truly care about our clients’ needs, we take the time to provide patient and personalized service in every area of our estate planning practice. We realize that every client is different and will not only have different financial situations but different goals and concerns. Our goal at M.A. Munson Law is to provide an estate plan that is tailored to each client’s unique and specific situation.

Serving St. George, Cedar City & the Surrounding Southern Utah Communities

Our firm serves all of Central and Southern Utah from our offices in St. George and Cedar City. This includes Paragonah, Richfield, Enterprise, Hurricane, Kanab, Beaver, Panguitch, Brian Head, and the surrounding communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cedar City Attorney

  • What is the difference between a Will and a Revocable Trust?

    A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that describes your wishes regarding the distribution of your property and assets upon your death. The distribution of these assets and the execution of your Will is controlled by probate, a legal process that can be time-consuming, difficult, and emotionally trying for your family members.

    A Revocable Trust offers a way to avoid probate. With a Revocable Trust, your property is owned by a trust, so the probate court does not have any assets to distribute. You can name a Trustee to oversee the trust and manage the distribution of your assets, according to your instructions, upon your death. Unlike a Will, a Revocable Trust can help to preserve and built your estate while you’re alive, while also offering protection if you should become disabled and unable to make decisions for yourself.

  • What happens if I become mentally disabled but I have no estate plan, or just a Will?

    In this situation, you would be subject to a conservatorship or guardianship proceeding, or “living probate.” The probate court will appoint someone to handle your assets and personal affairs, and although this person is subject to strict court supervision of your finances, the process of appointing such a person can be expensive and time-consuming.

  • Can I be the trustee of my own Revocable Trust?

    Yes, you can act as your own trustee of your Revocable Trust, and many people do this. This means that you will have complete control over all of the assets in your trust. You can choose a successor trustee to assume control in the event that you should become mentally incapacitated.

  • Can I avoid income taxes with a Revocable Trust?

    No, you cannot use a Revocable Trust to avoid income tax. The purpose of this type of trust is to avoid probate and reduce (or eliminate) estate taxes, but it does not affect income taxes. You will need to file returns just as you did prior to the establishment of the trust.

  • Can I transfer real estate into a Living Trust?

    Yes, you should transfer all real estate into your Revocable Trust. This will offer it the full protection that the trust has to offer, ensuring it does not go through probate.

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