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Understanding Theft Charges & Your Rights

Theft or larceny is defined as the taking of personal property without obtaining the prior consent of the owner--with the intent of permanently depriving the owner of the value of the property that has been taken or stolen. Shoplifting is an example of theft. Depending on the situation, there are different types of offenses that involve theft or attempted theft. Some may be classified as violent crimes with harsher penalties, and others are non-violent with lesser penalties.

M.A. Munson Law represents clients across Central and Southern Utah facing theft charges of all kinds. This includes shoplifting or petty theft as well as more serious theft-related offenses like burglary and robbery. If you’ve been arrested for or accused of such an offense, with a Cedar City theft crime lawyer from our firm to represent your interests, you can rest assured that your future is in competent hands.

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Burglary & Robbery in Utah

Although they are generally classified as theft crimes, it should be noted that simple theft and larceny are very different than burglary and robbery, which are defined below.


Pursuant to Utah Code Annotated §76-6-202, burglary is defined as unlawfully entering or remaining in a building or a portion of a building with the intent to commit:

  • A felony;
  • Theft;
  • Assault on any person;
  • Lewdness or sexual battery; or
  • Voyeurism against a child.

It should be noted that burglary can be charged in addition to any of the offenses listed above, if they are allegedly committed while the defendant is in the building. Burglary may be charged as a felony of the third degree, unless it was committed in a dwelling, in which event it is a felony of the second degree.


Pursuant to Utah Code Annotated §76-6-301, robbery is defined as intentionally and unlawfully taking, stealing, or attempting to take or steal any personal property that is in the possession of another, by use of force or fear. To be “in the possession of another,” this may include property that is on the victim’s person or that is in his or her immediate presence.

One may also face robbery charges for knowingly or intentionally using force or fear of immediate force against another person in the course of committing a wrongful appropriation or theft. An act is considered to have been "in the course of committing a theft or wrongful appropriation" if it occurs while in the course of an attempt, during the commission of, or while in the immediate flight after an attempt or commission of theft or wrongful appropriation.

Robbery is a felony of the second degree.

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