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As one of the longest-serving criminal defense firms in Southern Utah, the attorneys of M.A. Munson Law are committed to protecting our clients' rights, reputations, and freedoms. Given our extensive knowledge and experience in courtrooms throughout Central and Southern Utah, we should be your first choice if you have been arrested or received a citation for one or more criminal charges.

When you retain legal representation from a Cedar City criminal defense attorney at M.A. Munson Law, you can expect to receive a candid assessment of your case. We know the law and regularly appear in courts throughout Central and Southern Utah, so we are always prepared to negotiate tirelessly on your behalf and zealously defend your rights so that we can achieve the best possible results in your case.

While some criminal defense attorneys seem willing to do anything to avoid taking a matter to trial, we believe that it is important to keep the trial option on the table. Our willingness to take a matter to trial is often what enables us to receive such favorable outcomes in many of the cases we handle. It is our experience that the strongest case can still be lost, and the weakest case can still be won — depending on how the facts and evidence are presented at trial.

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Criminal Cases We Defend

At M.A. Munson Law, we serve Central and Southern Utah from our offices in St. George and Cedar City. Some of the criminal cases we handle include:

  • Assaults
  • Drug Offenses
    • Drug Possession
    • Drug Distribution
    • Drug Paraphernalia Possession
  • DUI/DWI/Drunk Driving
  • Expungement (Record Clearing)
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Other Cases

How a Criminal Attorney Can Help NOW

If you have been arrested or are facing criminal prosecution, it is critical that you immediately obtain advice and legal counsel from a knowledgeable and experienced criminal attorney. If you retain the services of the attorneys at M.A. Munson Law, you can expect that we will immediately go to work to ensure that you benefit from the following services that we provide to all of our criminal defense clients:

  • Early intervention, including legal research and identification of defense strategy.
  • Timely investigation, and identification of all facts beneficial to your defense.
  • Interview law enforcement personnel.
  • Correspond with prosecutor(s) to determine if charge(s) may be reduced or dismissed.
  • Interview all witnesses and prepare them for trial, if necessary.
  • Work to reduce bail or secure a release on your own recognizance (without bail).
  • Make sure your loved ones are kept informed as to the status and progress of your case.
  • When appropriate, negotiate alternatives to incarceration.
  • When appropriate, show that counseling may be a better alternative to incarceration by arranging an evaluation by a court-approved psychologist.
  • Retain expert witnesses to assist with defense of your case.
  • Work to develop applicable and effective motions to suppress evidence or dismiss the case.

How You Can Improve the Outcome of Your Case

There are several steps you can take to positively influence the outcome of your case:

  • Retain qualified legal counsel to represent your interests as soon as possible.
  • Gather documentation of your good character (reference letters, employment history, community service, etc.).
  • Exercise your right to remain silent and do not discuss the case with anyone except your attorney.
  • Keep a diary of all significant events and potential witnesses.
  • Do not attempt to investigate or otherwise handle your own case.

Our Cedar City criminal defense lawyers are here for you. We serve Cedar City, St. George, Beaver, Parowan, Paragonah, Panguitch, Richfield, Enterprise, Brian Head, Hurricane, Kanab, and the surrounding communities across Central and Southern Utah.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cedar City Attorney

  • Do I need to hire a criminal defense lawyer for my case?

    Hiring an attorney to handle your criminal case in Utah can be one of the most important decisions you make. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can make the difference between success and disaster. If you are questioning whether you need an attorney, you can call our offices to talk about your legal situation. We can talk to you about what occurred and how we can help at this point in time. Chances are, if you think you need an attorney, you do.

  • Should I plead guilty in a misdemeanor case without an attorney?

    You should never plead guilty or no contest in any Utah justice court or district court case without fully understanding your rights and the consequences of such a plea. The best way to learn what your rights are is to consult with an experienced Cedar City criminal defense attorney.

    Even if your charges are just based on a citation or ticket, once you plead guilty or no contest in a Utah court, you give up some very important Constitutional rights and protections. Perhaps more important, by pleading guilty or no-contest, you subject yourself to some potentially serious consequences. Understanding these rights and the potential consequences before pleading to any criminal charge is absolutely vital.

    Even if you are seeking a quick resolution to your case and do not want to become involved in a drawn out legal fight, having legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney can often lead to a more favorable result and better long-term resolution.

  • What can happen if I enter a guilty or no contest plea in a Utah criminal case?

    The first consequence of a guilty plea or no contest plea in a Utah case is the entry of a criminal conviction on your record. There are many criminal charges in Utah for which a police officer can issue a citation without arresting the person. In some cases, the person may not even realize that the citation represents a criminal charge. And thus, entering a guilty plea or a no contest plea will result in the entry of a criminal conviction on your record.

    Any criminal conviction carries the potential for jail time. Even a Class B Misdemeanor can be punished with up to 180 days in jail. While many misdemeanor charges are often resolved without actual jail time being served, a criminal conviction can still carry other collateral consequences. For example, a criminal conviction can affect driving privileges, the right to carry or own a firearm, employment, professional licensing, and much more.

  • Can a victim drop criminal charges after they are filed?

    Criminal charges in Utah can only be filed in court through a government prosecutor. While a victim is given certain rights under Utah law, a victim does not have the authority or the right to demand dismissal of the pending criminal case. This can create a conflict between a victim and a prosecutor. If you are a victim in a criminal case, you have a right to be represented by an experienced criminal lawyer who can help ensure that your rights as a victim are protected and that your voice is heard.

    A person who calls the police in Utah to report a crime may later decide not to pursue the criminal case. While there is no single, simple solution to this situation, there are steps you can take if you have decided that you do not want the criminal charges pursued. However, there are potential consequences that should be considered before taking any particular course of action. Consulting with an experienced Cedar City criminal lawyer can help you determine the best way to proceed. With offices in Cedar City and St. George, the attorneys at M.A. Munson Law provide zealous criminal defense to clients throughout Central and Southern Utah. We welcome you to call any time to schedule a consultation.

  • How can I get a felony reduced to a misdemeanor in Utah?

    The best time to avoid getting a felony on your record is to avoid a conviction altogether. And while having the case dismissed or negotiating a plea in abeyance are the most ideal outcomes in most criminal cases, these options are simply not always available. And in the event neither of these options are available, we work hard to have any felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor level charge, through a negotiated resolution with the prosecutor.

    The attorneys at M.A. Munson Law have successfully negotiated misdemeanor resolutions to cases as serious as aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, child abuse, drug distribution, and more. If you are charged with a felony in Utah, the consequences can extend far beyond the courtroom. You deserve an experienced, aggressive lawyer on your side to give you the best chance of negotiating a favorable resolution on your behalf or prevailing at trial if necessary, to keep you from being wrongfully convicted of a felony.

    In the event you have already been convicted of a felony, you may be eligible to have that felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor, pursuant to Utah Code Annotated Section 76-3-402, if you have successfully completed probation. Even if were denied the opportunity to complete probation, or had your probation revoked unsuccessfully, you may still be eligible to have your criminal charges expunged from your criminal record. You can contact M.A. Munson Law to discuss what options are available to you, to have felony charges reduced or expunged from your record.

  • How long will a DUI charge stay on my record in Utah?

    A DUI conviction is one of the more difficult charges to clear from your criminal record. Utah law generally provides for a 10-year waiting period for expunging a DUI. But when or whether you can have a DUI conviction expunged from your record can depend on a number of factors. We can review these with you to determine how to best approach your case.

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