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If you are battling ruthless creditors due to outstanding debt, bankruptcy may be the right choice for you.

By filing chapter 7 bankruptcy you may:

  • Immediately stop wage garnishment from creditors
  • Immediately end attempts at repossession
  • Halt IRS levies
  • Remove any asset seizures
  • Stop receiving collection calls
  • Dismiss pending lawsuits against you

What Is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The most common form of bankruptcy is a Chapter 7 and it is often the best choice for individuals weighed down by debt. Also known as a “liquidation bankruptcy,” this option allows the filer to sell off his or her assets and use that money to pay back creditors.

You will not lose every item that you own in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There are legal provisions in place that allow a debtor to exempt property from the liquidation.

Exemptions may include:

  • A certain amount of clothing
  • Certain household items
  • Work-related items
  • A family vehicle (in some cases)
  • A family home (in certain cases)

After all non-exempt items have been sold and all creditors have been partially or fully recompensed, the filer is set free from debt. Even if the profits of the liquidation do not cover all dues, creditors must cease action against the borrower. If they continue to call or seize property, they face severe federal consequences.

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